Mass Media And Publishing 
Bhatt, S.C.
Broadcast Journalism: Basic Principles

Broadcast Journalism is increasingly attracting young men and women who take up the subject for intensive study in schools of journalism in the universities and in institutions of mass communication.
The book is written in a simple style and makes it easy for both the fresh entrant and the practitioner of the craft to understand what the author propounds. It covers all aspects of newswriting for the broadcast media and emphasises the need to understand the point of the audience.
Journalist, author and mediaman, S.C. BHATT has a long innings with the media of mass communication.

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ISBN 81-241-0096-9
Jolly, G.S.
Book Publishing: Theory and Practice

The book has been divided into four parts. Part one gives a bird's eye view of publishing in India and an overview of the structure of a publishing house. Part two deals with the development of a manuscript and role of the editorial department. Part three covers areas such as typography, composing, printing, paper and binding. Part four throws light on the art of promotion and sales which cannot be acquired quickly.
G.S. JOLLY, a Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Library Science, moved to the College of Vocational Studies in 1973. He received P.G. Diploma in Book Publishing from Delhi University in 1980.

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ISBN 81-241-0060-8
Narula, Uma
Communication Perspectives Cultural Diffusion: Dynamics and Challenges

The study provides a different perspective on intercultural communication. Researchers, practitioners, professionals and educators who deal in the broad areas of Culture and Communication and focus on the critical issues of cultural diversity, acculturation, immigration in different world societies.
UMA NARULA is Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. Dr. Narula is Director (Communication), Consultant (Research & Training) with Communication Networks (CNET).

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ISBN 81-241-0660-6
Narula, Uma
Development Communication: Theory and Practice

This book applies a systematic communication perspective to the 40 plus years of development experience in the world. The communication perspective demonstrates that the role of communication in development is not limited to media technologies or to the economies of mass media, it is a way of thinking about the interaction among all development agents involved. It is an analytical review of development theories and practice both from international and Indian perspectives.
The book presents the dynamics of development in organised and lively way for media professionals, practitioners, academicians and general readers.

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ISBN 81-241-0164-7
Narula, Uma
Mass Communication: Theory and Practice

The book Mass Communication: Theory and Practice discusses the conceptual moves in human communication for the last four decades. It has articulated the evolutionary view of communication and presented it in cohesive and understandable pattern. The author has addressed two major perspectives in the book: What communication means in developing countries particularly in India in real situations. Contributions of empirical research including communication research to theory and practice of mass communication and giving this discipline an identity of its own and a stable footing.

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ISBN 81-241-0134-5
Narula, Uma
Mass Communication Technology: New Perspectives

The technological innovations overtime have supported the evolutionary process of media technologies. Technological advancements created Communication Revolutions vis-a-vis development of new media technologies.
Technology advancement in printing, television, satellites, wireless, cellular and mobile telecommunication, computerization, laser, fiber optics and quantum technology have all enhanced connectivity in communication. The book is a product of communication revolution and changing mass communication perspectives.

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ISBN 81-241-0711-4
Sardana, C.k.
The Challenge of Public Relations

The book covers a wide field illustrated by actual experience of dealing and managing the print and electronic media. PR plays a very important role in information dissemination and image-building of any enterprise. The book contains good deal of food for thought and action as far as the challenge of public relations is concerned.
C. K. SARDANA has four decades of experience in Public Relations and associated fields.

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ISBN 81-241-0305-4
Varma, Adarsh kumar
Advanced Journalism

The case studies in this book put the finger on specific innovations which did the trick in different newspapers. But for each such case there are dozens other where Editors are found wanting in Advanced Journalism.
This study is largely based on personal experience supplemented by meetings with many of the distinguished media persons whose achievements it tries to learn from.
ADARSH KUMAR VARMA has been Editor of the Pioneer daily, the People weekly and Communicator quarterly and has launched the Delhi editions of Mid-Day and Current.

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ISBN 81-241-0836-6