History And Politics 

Navreet, Milton
Kargil - An Abode of Mountain Tamers

The book by Navreet Milton is well documented account of Kargil. She explores the history of Kargil, Its rich traditions, customs and festivals. The book covers not only the history of Kargil but also narrates the present day Kargil in a well written manner while also revisiting the Kargil War.

Navreet Milton has the distinction of freelancing for some well-read newspapers, such as The Tribune and Indian Express. She was awarded the best journalist award by Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Kargil.

Pages 136

ISBN 978-81-241-1743-9
P. P., Balachandran
A View from the Raisina Hill

The book is a compendium of selected writings of senior journalist P.P. Balachandran. A Delhi-based journalist for most of the last 10 years, Bala has been witness, all these years, to great many events that impacted Indian democracy, in particular, and the subcontinent 's geopolitics, in general.

P.P. Balachandran is a Malayalee born in Andhra Pradesh (Vaisakhapatnam), but grew up mostly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He did his graduation in History and Master's in English Literature which he left half way through to do a PG course in Journalism under the renowned journalist M. Shivram at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Trivandrum.

Pages 168

ISBN 978-81-241-1738-5
Singh, Dr. Anil
Bihar:- Chaos to Chaos

The study provides a comparative appraisal of 15 years; regime of RJD and seven years of rule by the JD (U) –BJP –led coalition government in Bihar. This appraisal is facilitated by focussing on political developments, performance of economy from stagnation to resilience, role of the police in maintaining internal law and order, Naxal and Maoist violence, private militias, rampant corruption, caste-based violence, and the cumulative impact of these and other related developments on the people of Bihar.

Dr Anil Singh is currently working as Executive Editor with a premier and leading news channel, ABP News, which was earlier known as STAR News. Earlier he was associated with Aaj Tak and Zee News.

Pages 352

ISBN 978-81-241-1742-2
Abhyankar, Rajendra
Stuff Happens

The book is neither an autobiography nor a memoir. It is a look at the practice of India's foreign policy at the micro-level. It is a re-counting of how policy could, did and can change often on the basis of single events. Abhyankar has tried to highlight the unusual in his long 37-year career as an Indian diplomat in a wide range of countries.

Rajendra M. Abhyankar retired from the Indian Foreign Service in August 2005 as India's Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg. He currently teaches as adjunct Professor a graduate course on 'The Practice of Diplomacy' at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. Bloomington, US.

ISBN 978-81-241-1736-1
Bhardwaj, Brij
Black Money

The Study points out how counterfeit and smuggling are growing world-wide and are hurting national economics including India and in turn financing anti-national activities like terrorist activities, criminal gangs and Mafia.

Brij Bhardwaj is a journalist of long standing, having spent over fifty years in the profession. He is, at present, engaged in the working with FICCI CASCADE, a committee set up to fight counterfeiting and smuggling hurting Indian economy.

Pages 176

ISBN 978-81-241-1732-3
Bhandari, Anil K.
Tourism in India

The book will be of special interest to Tourism professionals, investors, planners, consultants, government departments, colleges, students and researchers as the contents are a wealth of information on Tourism starting from pre-independent India to the present day. The book will help in planning, promoting and creating new tourism products which facilitate the economy as well as create more jobs.

Anil K. Bhandari has over 43 years of experience in hotels, travel and tourism. During his career, he managed and operated many hotels. Anil Bhandari also holds a Certificate in Hotel Administration from the American Hotel.

Pages 200

ISBN 978-81-241-1728-6
Cherian, V. K.
Crisis of "Corporate" Communism

The book is a collection of essays on Indian mainstream Communism, with a focus on the CPI (M)'s Kerala unit. The authors, including, some ideologues from the Left camp, examine this ideological bankruptcy. They point out the deviation from Marxism-Leninism of Kerala and other units of CPI(M) and discuss why the Left parties are limited to some pockets of influence in India.

V K Cherian is a Delhi-based journalist turned public communicator. He is an occasional writer and an activist. He has over 20 years of mainline journalism to his credit and a decade of public communication. He is also the founder and promoter of an NGO Indo Afric-Khadi Foundation.

Pages 192

ISBN 978-81-241-1715-6
Sanghvi, Vijay
Communal Politics in India: Rise and Decline

Mahatma Gandhi, raised , in 1920, a spectre of fear in many hearts with his strategy of mobilizing the masses for freedom struggle In this transformation was written the story of decline of the communalized politics, India is on way to became a super power.

This book depicts the transition of Indian Society from the communalized politics to a modernizing entity.

ISBN 978-81-241-1703-3
Anand, R. K.
Assault on Merit

In this fast-paced and highly relevant book, veteran lawyer R. K. Anand details case studies of Indian Generals – decorated soldiers and men of exceptional conscience and integrity – who fell pray to the whims and fancies of manipulative civilian bureaucrats intent on perverting the promotions system in order to favour a buddy or please a political master.

R. K. Anand one of India’s top legal luminaries, joined the profession in the late 1960’s .During his lengthy and hectic practice as lawyer he has defended three Prime Ministers of India while they were still in office, namely, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and P. V. Narasimha Rao. Anand is the only lawyer to have handled over ten air crash inquiries including the Kanishka air disaster.

Page - 200

ISBN 978-81-241-1700-2
N.D. Arora and S. S. Awasthy
Themes in Comparitive Political Theory

Political Science, has always been marching ahead towards its heights. It has always enlivened itself to newer challenges and has, in the process, offered remedies to the problems coming its way. From time to time, Political Theory has attempted to give new orientations to themes as they appear in the works of great masters of political theory, both Western and Indians, ancient and modern.

Page - 208

ISBN 978-81-241-1694-4
Singh Bajwa, Maj. Gen. Kuldip , Veteran
India - Pakistan War 1971 - Military Triumph and Political Failure

1971 was an exceptional year for India for the development and exercise of its national power dynamics. It had won an outstanding military victory against a foreign power the like of which it had not known in the centuries of the sub-continental history before it. Politically and diplomatically it kept at bay the rest of the world while its soldiers decisively defended its vital national interests, decisively defeated Pakistan’s military regime, and liberated the atrociously oppressed people of the erstwhile East Pakistan to become an independent Bangla Desh.

Major General Kuldip Singh Bajwa was commissioned into the Indian Army on 22 Dec. 1946. He had held a variety of command and staff appointments and took part in all the military operations form 1947 to 1971.
After leaving service on 1 Nov. 1979, he became a widely read defense columnist, an objectively critical military analyst, and an accurate military historian.

Page - 296

ISBN 978-81-241-1695-1
Armellini, Antonio
If the Elephant Flies: India Confronts the Twenty-first Century

Antonio Armellini, former Italian Ambassador to India, looks at the opportunities and pitfalls confronting India in the twenty-first century: a buoyant economic climate and a strong “ can do” mentality among the people have to reckon with a bloated bureaucracy, widespread corruption, the enduring influence of caste and the role of karma.

Ambassador ARMELLINI is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London and of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Rome, and is currently a consultant to the City of Venice.

ISBN 978-81-241-1683-8
Page: 448
De Gourdon, Come Carpentier
From India to Infinity

The  Book dedicated to India’s past and present, its role and mission in the world and the
Contributions it has made and continues to make to the spiritual and material capital of humanity.
This book proposes a reflection of the paradoxical but essential connection between seemingly “hard” realities found in history, geopolitics and the economy and the “soft” contemplative truth of metaphysics, mythology and mysticism. That perspective emanates from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and Buddhist scriptures which account for the world as process of dynamic interaction between consciousness and the inchoate matter in which it watches its own endlessly varying and shifting image.

Come Carpentier de Gourdon, born in the Canaries islands (Spain) of French parents, studied in Europe, India and the USA (University of Colorado) and has lived, traveled and taught in more than 50 countries on four continents. He is currently the Convener of the Editorial Advisory Board of World Affairs, the journal of international Issues (New Delhi) and also consults for high-tech corporations.  

ISBN ISBN 978-81-241-1689-0
Sayeed, Ausaf
Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage

The book deals with the important subject of Indian Art and Culture from the perspective of competitive examinations, which follow both subjective and objective patterns. It covers different topics like architecture, music, dance, theatre, painting, cinema, language and literature, performing arts, fairs and festivals and religious in a comprehensive and lucid manner.

ISBN 978-81-241-1648-7
Sayeed, Ausaf
Indian Art & Culture

The book provides essential and critical information on India’s Art and Culture in a simple and lucid style that is easy to comprehend by Indians and non-Indians alike. It covers diverse topics like architecture, music, dance, theatre, cinema, painting, religions, fairs and festivals, arts and crafts, language and literature and tribes of India.


DR. AUSAF SAYEED is a career diplomat belonging to the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). He has been actively contributing articles on varied topics to different magazines and abroad.


ISBN 978-81-241-1647-0
Mahmud, Salma
The Wings of Time

This book is an attempt by the author to rediscover her father, Dr. M.D. Taseer, the eminent poet, critic, teacher and administrator.

The book describes Taseer’s unique contemporaries, who exemplify the irreplaceable literary milieu in which he lived. That milieu has vanished forever, so the story is ultimately a tragic one.


SALMA MAHMUD was born in Baramula, Kashmir. She is the eldest child of Dr. M.D. Taseer, the noted poet and critic, who was the first Indian to obtain a PhD in English from Cambridge University. She was educated at Kinnaird College Lahore and then at the University of Edinburgh, from where she obtained an MA (Hons) in English Language and Literature.

ISBN 978-81-241-1682-1
Jabbar, Javed
Pakistan : Identity and Destiny

The book is written in relatively short chapters and sections with a particular intent to reach out to young people as well as the general reader rather than as a detailed academic treaties. The book also defines tough options for a stable future for Pakistan and is presented in a format that enables easy reading.

JAVED JABBAR has diverse interests in writing. Film-making, media, international and national affairs and voluntary work. He lectured at leading universities, research centres and think-tanks in Pakistan.

Page - 196

ISBN 978-81-241-1650-0
Fabian, K.P.
Diplomacy: Indian Style

The book is primarily meant for the general public. There is no reason to believe that diplomacy is as complicated as rocket science. The idea that the government is the sole depositary of all wisdom and knowledge on diplomacy is obviously wrong. No war can be waged successfully unless there is popular support.

Democracy implies a citizenry that takes intelligent interest in foreign policy. This book is meant to stimulate such interest.

Ambassador K. P. FABIAN served in the Indian Foreign service from 1964 to 2000. He retired as Ambassador to Italy and Permanent Representative to UN Organizations in Rome. He writes on international affairs and developmental issues.

ISBN 978-81-241-1676-0
Venkateshwar Rao Jr, Parsa
Lokpal: Facts & Arguments
Lokpal: Facts and Arguments traces the developments with regard to the Lokpal legislation in the past and in the present. The debate in the Lok Sabha in August 1969 before the passing of the Lokpal Bill is discussed along with the many texts of the Lokpal bills prepared by the Anna Hazare group and the UPA government as well as that of the five ministers in the Joint Drafting Committee.

It also looks at the political assumptions that each side brings to the debate in the present and what it means for the political culture and life of the country.


Hyderabad-born PARSA VENKATESHWAR RAO JR is the Senior Assistant Editor with the DNA at the Delhi office of the newspaper. He has published a collection of his columns for The New Indian Express called Mullah Omar and Robespierre Essays in the Politics of Ideas.

Pages 134

ISBN 978-81-241-1652-4
Singh, Joginder

India has seen my vicissitudes. As per the report of Transparency International of 2010, we are 87th most corrupt country in the world with an integrity score of 33 out of 100. The book describes the full story of the 2G scam and the role played by CBI in bringing the guilty to the Court of law.


JOGINDER SINGH, M. A. in English, was in Indian Police Service. He retired as Director CBI, after a distinguished service from 1961 to 1997. Mr. Singh is a well-known columnist. His column appears regularly in national and regional dailies, both in English and vernacular languages.

ISBN 978-81-241-1624-1
Sanghvi, Vijay
The Games Scam

The Commonwealth Games 2010 intended to showcase India as capable and competent nation turned into a long lasting shame only because undue financial advantages given and taken by a few in authority and several in private sector by their association with works related to the Games. The book goes beyond irregularities and illegalities of financial transactions. It analyses political implications of the event that will last as a shame and label India as a nation of corrupt and incompetent rulers.

VIJAY SANGHVI has created a niche for himself as a perspective reporter and critic of political, economic and social developments since he joined the profession in 1962. he has experience of coverage of parliamentary proceedings for nearly 45 years.

Pages 238

ISBN 978-81-241-1659-3
Pratim Basu, Partha and others (EDS.)
Democracy and Democratization: The South Asian Experience in the 21st Century

Within the overall framework of the interface between the two perspective on democracy, the first section deals with three different facets of marginalization - region-based, caste-based and gender-based- in the Indian context.  

The Second section, which, surveyed the varied political mosaic of the South Asian region, seemed to come up with two different scenarios.

PARTHA PRATIM BASU is a Professor in the Department of International Relations, and the Director of the School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University.

ISBN 978-81-241-1662-3
Arora N.D., Awasthy S.S.
Introduction to Political Theory

Political Theory is seen here as a discipline of a wider subject. Political Theory has attempted to give new orientations to concepts such as democracy, liberty, equality, rights, Justice. The present study covers the various debates going on the contemporary political theory.

N.D. ARORA taught Political Science for over four decades. He retired as Reader in Political Science from PGDAV College University of Delhi.

S.S. AWASTHY has been teaching Political Science in PGDAV College University of Delhi) for the last thirty-four years. He also writes short stories and poems for which he has received several awards. 

ISBN 978-81-241-1660-9
Swamy, Subramanian
2G Spectrum Scam


The book is a case study of India’s most recent and the world’s biggest corruption scandal ever. Hence, Dr. Swamy argues that as a country becomes industrialized, its governance and corruption challenges morph and become more sophisticated: it becomes a complex phenomenon. In this context, Dr. Swamy has explained the ramifications of the monumental 2G Spectrum Scam.

SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY, President of Janata Party and Former Union Cabinet Minister of Commerce, Law and Justice Government of India.

ISBN 978-81-241-1638-8
Centre for Joint Warfare Studies
Afghanistan: India’s Strategic stakes

This is a scientific Net Assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and India’s critical security stakes in this region. A Taliban take-over in Kabul could cause the dominoes to fall not only in Central Asia but also in Pakistan—a recipe for security disaster for the region. This study analyses the drivers of change.

CJWS, founded under the aegis of Ministry of Defence, is an independent think-tank to promote jointness as a synergistic enabler for the growth of integrated National Power and provide alternatives regarding all dimensions of its application through focused research and debate.

Pages 168

ISBN 978-81-241-1512-1
Bali, Yogendra
Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji And Freedom Movement In India

The book is an attempt to provide some glimpses of Kooka history and the Namdhari way of thought and life for the modern mankind. It covers the initial phase of the Kooka story with focus on specific aspects.

YOGENDRA BALI is a well-known Indian journalist and author. At present he is associated with Asia Defence News International (ADNI), a news agency devoted to Security Affairs, its publications Asia Defence News, and Urdu monthly Mastana Jogi.

Pages 216

ISBN 978-81-241-1534-3

In Press
Iqbal Hasnain, Syed
Muslims In North India: Frozen In The Past

The book critically examines various policies announced from time to time by ruling parties towards Muslims, so-called betterment and exposes the hard realities behind them. It also examines in great detail intent of vested interests to create a trouble-free atmosphere for an easy intervention in the largest religious education network of Muslims, Madarsas, on the pretext of modernization. The study puts the onus on emerging middle classes in the qasbahs of various north Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar in shaping the political destiny of Muslims in secular, democratic and globalized India.

Syed Iqbal Hasnain is presently working as Senior Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Currently, he is chairing the Glacier and Climate Change Commission, Government of Sikkim, and Chairman, Governing Board, Inter-University Centre for Educational Communication.

Pages 144

ISBN 978-81-241-1410-0
Kant Jha (ed.), Nalini
Democracy, Nation Building And Pekace In South Asia: Challenges And Prospects

The book is an effort to analyse and reflect on the problems of democracy, nation building, peace and security in the general context of South Asia and specific context of almost all countries of the region. Major challenges confronting democratisation, state and nation building as well as peace and security in South Asia are part of detailed discussion in this authority.

The book would greatly interest scholars and students in the fields of Political Science and International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Sociology, Ethnology, History, Defence Studies and South Asian Studies.

Nalini Kant Jha, currently, a Rajiv Gandhi Chair Professor at Allahabad, is an eminent scholar of International Relations and South Asian Studies.

Pages 240

ISBN 978-81-241-1471-1
Swamy, Subramanian
Rama Setu: Symbol of National Unity

The author's study of Rama Setu covers all the aspects of historical, economics, environmental and national security of the Sethusamudramship Channel Project. He opposes the rupture of Rama Setu, to dredge out a seabed furrow in the Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar. He terms the Project (SSCP) as a financial white elephant. Despite the lack of economic viability, the environmental dangers, and the national security risks of the project.

Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY has won many laurels. He has contributed to India's growth in his various capacities as Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister—first as Minister for Commerce, Law and Justice (1990-1991) and later as Chairman of the Commission on International Trade and WTO's labour standards (1994-1996).

Pages 224

ISBN 978-81-241-1418-6
Swamy, Subramanian
Terrorism In India: A Strategy of Deterrence For India’s National Security

This present work is devoted to the concept of deterrence of terrorism in the Indian context, a concept hitherto held to be under finable. Defining such a concept for India is the main contribution of this study. The purpose of this book, however, is not for scholarship in the field of terrorism, but to propose on the basis of existing material a new policy prescription for deterrence, against terrorism, that is appropriate for India

Pages 143

ISBN 978-81-241-1344-8
Swamy, Subramanian
Hindutva And National Renaissance

Hindu civilization, the author argues, cannot be defended or protected merely by individual or personal piety or by performing of pujas.
Hindutva or Hinduness, the author defines, is a collective mindset that identifies India as the motherland from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean.

Pages 294

ISBN 978-81-241-1527-5
Swamy, Subramanian
Corruption And Corporate Governance In India: Satyam, Spectrum and Sundaram

The book is about corporate governance in India in the context of recent mega-corporate frauds and corruption. It strives to discover appropriate governance rules to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the institution of corporate bodies, private and public, in India in the context of two mega corruption scandals of 2009, namely Satyam and Spectrum.

Pages 180

ISBN 978-81-241-1486-5
Singh, Bhim
Peace Mission: Around The World On Motorcycle Vol. I & Ii

In two volumes, Bhim Singh has narrated, interesting, horrifying and unbelievable incidents of his journey across the show-covered roads of Iran and Afghanistan, the sands of Western Sahara and Siberian Rails in USSR with literally no money and no support. Bhim Singh with his partner Jay dishwar samyal left India on a two wheeler and entered United Kingdom after 11 months of a most difficult ride. Even a road accident in Egypt or coming face-to-face with death in Western Sahara on two-wheeler didn’t deter Bhim Singh in his resolve to accomplish his mission.

Bhim Singh, a prolific writer, human rights crusader, globetrotter, documentary film maker, practicing lawyer and high-profile political activist, all rolled into one. Acknowledged specialist on J&K Affairs and West Asian geo-politics, besides being Supreme of the Panthers Party.

Pages 320 V. I

(I) 978-81-241-1432-2
(II) 978-81-241-1464-3
A. Gokhale, Nitin
Sri Lanka: From War To Peace

The book attempts to chronicle the details of an unprecedented military campaign by the Sri Lankan armed forces and gives a rare insight into the complete transformation of the military, made possible by the vision of a few determined individuals. It also analyses the reasons for the LTTE's decline and subsequent annihilation as a guerilla force.

NITIN A. GOKHALE as NDTV's Defence and Strategic Affaris Editor, he takes a keen interest in India's immediate and extended neighborhood.

Pages 184

ISBN 978-81-241-1495-7
Toscano, Roberto
Between Terrorism And Global Governance

The hopes fostered by the end of the Cold War have been shattered, in this troubled beginning of the XXI Century, both by a new kind of extreme violence, transnational terrorism, and—more recently—by a global economic downturn with no end yet in sight. Facing these challenges, world governance suffers from the inadequacy both of political theory and of institutions.

Roberto Toscano is Italy's Ambassador to India, having previously served in Chile, the Soviet Union, Spain, the USA, UN/Geneva and Iran. In the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was for seven years in charge of Policy Planning.

Pages 112

ISBN 978-81-241-1485-8
Basu Roy, Arpita
Contemporary Afghanistan: Conflict And Peace-Building

The book explores the state of Afghanistan from a political and historical perspective to find out why and how Afghanistan has remained a conflict-prone country. It highlights the comprehensiveness of the destruction in Afghanistan through different phases and establishes the interconnectivity of the social political and economic consequences.

ARPITA BASU ROY is Fellow at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS), Kolkata.

Under the auspices of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Pages 316 (Rev. Ed.)

ISBN 978-81-241-1499-5
Chandra, Anil
Glimpses of Ancient China: Letters from Grandfather

Starting with a detailed description of the land and the people, the book narrates the major events which happened in the reigns of the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Sui, Tang, Song, Liao, Western Xia, Jin and the other major dynasties. If not only talks of the wars, conflicts and events of these times but also gives the reader a remarkable insight into the great achievements in arts, painting, literature, religion and the sciences of ancient China.

Anil Chandra IAS (Retd) is a short story writer with many books to his credit. His works have been extensively translated into Hindi.

Pages 112

ISBN 978-81-241-1463-6
Chandra, Anil
Glimpses of China: History And Culture (1200 To 1949) — Letters From Grandfather

The book traces all these fascinating events with a precision and insight which is remarkable. An Epilogue has been added to give the reader an idea about China from 1949-2000 AD.

The book is extensively illustrated. Written lucidly, the book gives the reader a comprehensive view of China.

Pages 216

ISBN 978-81-241-1526-8
Acharya, Alka
China and India: Politics of Incremental Engagement

This book is about the politics of that engagement since 1996. It argues that the India-China relationship has been in the main determined and forged by the political processes and that a resolution of the critical outstanding problems will emerge from a conscious exercise of political wisdom, statesmanship and sagacity, on the part of the two leadership, which areas much impelled by their respective national and strategic interests, as imbued by a sense of the greater good, flowing from their collective acumen, experiences and strength.

Alka Acharya has been teaching Chinese Foreign Policy and Political Economy to the Matters and M.Phil Students and guiding doctoral research since 1993, at the Centre for East Asian Studies, School of International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Pages 272

ISBN 978-81-241-1442-1
Vijay, Tarun
Saffron Surge: India’s Re-Emergence On The Global Scene And Hindu Ethos

Here is a book by Tarun Vijay, which puts the Hindu angst and the unstoppable surge of the Saffron in perspective and explores its future course with his distinct sharpness and verve.

TARUN VIJAY has emerged as one of the most prolific writers on the Indian nationalism and contemporary polity. He has been quoted extensively in western papers like the New York Times, Le Monde, Financial Times, BBC, Christian Science Monitor etc. and is a regular commentator on Indian and foreign channels on political affairs.

Pages 212

ISBN 978-81-241-1338-7
Afsir Karim (ed.), Maj. Gen. (Retd.)
Militancy and Islam

The primary aim of Islamic militants in Asia has generally been to destabilise and over throw targeted regimes by isolating them morally and physically from their domestic support bases and degrading their material resources and security infrastructure. Militant Islam has assumed a menacing form in the recent years in different parts of South Asia and its threats are gradually becoming more virulent.

Under the auspices of The Forum for Strategic and Security Series (FSSS).

Pages 216

ISBN 978-81-241-1433-9
Afsir Karim (ed.), Maj. Gen. (Retd.)
War on Terror

The present status of international cooperation in countering terrorism is not particularly encouraging because strategic interests of countries take priority over countering terrorism. Most collaborative measures at the global level taken so far are ineffective and disjointed. Indiscriminate use of force by security forces invariably lead to conflict escalation comparative studies regarding relationship between harsh measures and escalation of conflicts show that there is need of evolving better methods of using force that would not hurt non-combatants.

MAJ. GEN. AFSIR KARIM retired from the Indian army in 1989. He is currently the editor of Aakrosh: Asian Journal on Terrorism and Internal Conflicts.

Under the auspices of The Forum for Strategic and Security Studies (FSSS).

Pages 304

ISBN 978-81-241-1425-4
M M Zaki, Brigadier
Global War On Terror: Shadow Of Fear Or Ray Of Hope

The Global War on Terror has not been able to achieve its primary aim of eliminating terrorists and their organizations; on the contrary the terrorists have grown in strength and geographic spread making the world more insecure today before 9/11 attacks. The author examines the various aspects of terrorism and contends that this state is due to the wrong premises on which the strategy was based to combat terror.

BRIG. M.M. ZAKI served as a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University where he was the Director Centre for Strategic Studies. After retirement he taught a course at the International Relations Department at San Francisco State University, USA. Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series(FSSS)

Pages 304

ISBN 978-81-241-1391-2
Amitabh Mattoo and Happymon Jacob (Ed.)
Shaping India's Foreign Policy: People, Politics And Places

This unique volume is the first comprehensive work to analyze the domestic aspects of foreign policy making in India. Through the case studies and the theoretical chapters, the book is a major contribution to the literature on India's foreign policy and international relations theory. It is essential reading for practitioners and scholars alike, and fills a huge gap in the understanding of India's engagement with the outside world.

AMITABH MATTOO is currently Professor of International Studies at JNU. HAPPYMON JACOB is Assistant Professor at the School of International Studies, JNU. Under the auspices of The Foreign Policy, Peace and Security Series

Pages 320

ISBN 978-81-241-1511-4
S C Sardeshpande, Lt Gen (Retd)
Soldiering: An Indian Experience

This book is about the study of our soldier and soldiering to understand them by ourselves and through our historical, social, psychological, cultural inheritance.

The book examines his multifaceted environment that moulds him, why he fights, why he joins up, why he gave his services to foreigners against his own kings, chiefs and military leaders etc. Some of these aspects were covered in a questionnaire sent to some of the regiments.

Lt Gen (Retd) S C SARDESHPANDE has contributed a number of articles in professional journals in the last four decades. In the last twelves years for his services in the army he was awarded UYSM and AVSM. Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 128

ISBN 978-81-241-1413-1
Gautam Das and M.K. Gupta-Ray
Srilanka Misadventure: India’s Military Peace-Keeping Campaign 1987-1990

The book provides an in-depth look at the Indian Military deployment and Operations in Sri Lanka from July 1987 to March 1990, which was independent India’s first major foreign policy determined overseas campaign, and which turned into modern India’s longest war to date.

Gautam Das has a Masters in Defence Studies from Madras University and has been an instructor at the Military Intelligence School. He is associated with the Institute of Chinese Studies. He was in the Indian Army from 1968-1991, and was awarded the Sword-of-Honour for the Best All-Round Cadet and the president’s Gold Medal for being first in order of merit.

M.K. GUPTA-RAY was in the Indian Army from 1968 to 1999, and was an infantry officer at the Sikh Regiment.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 344

ISBN 978-81-241-1363-9
Das, Gautam
China-Tibet-India: The 1962 War And The Strategic Military Future

The main reason why China-India geo-political relations have an underlying uneasiness is because of the issue of Tibet. It lies at the heart of the Chinese Claim to the entire Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which it alleges as “Chinese territory occupied by India.” This creates a major part of the unresolved boundary issue between the two Asian countries.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 340

ISBN 978-81-241-1466-7
Das, Gautam
Unlearned Lessons: An Appraisal of India's Military Mishaps

This is a book that will interest persons with inquiring minds, armchair strategists, those interested in learning something about the army, history students, academicians and students in the fields of India's international affairs, foreign policy practitioners, and military professionals alike. It should help all readers to take in an informed analysis and overview of militarily significant events of the past that are likely to have a bearing on the country's future.
GAUTAM DAS was in the Indian Army from 1968 to 1991, and was awarded the 'Sword-of-Honour' and the 'President's Gold Medal' at the Officers' Training Academy.
Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series.

Pages 352

ISBN 978-81-241-1257-1
Roy Chaudhury, Dipanjan
Northeast: Diverse Complexity

The book discusses varied issues—insurgency, politics, neighbours, tourism, culture, economy and industry in most of the states of Northeast and captures the essence of the region in its true spirit. The term “Northeast” is a misnomer, as each of the eight states are unique in their own ways. No other region or state in India is as ethnically diverse as the states of the Northeast. The book provides a glimpse of the rich culture and the economic potential that the region possesses.

A Correspondent with the India Bureau of the Kuwait News Agency, Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury’s, areas of specialisation include foreign policy issues, terrorism, insurgency and strategic affairs.

Pages 144

ISBN 978-81-241-1437-7
Roy Chaudhury, Dipanjan
Contemporary Kazakhstan: Success Story Of Nation Building

The book divided into seven chapters and written in a lucid language will help bridge the awareness gap and spreading knowledge about Contemporary Kazakhstan among Indian readers. It deals with Kazakhstan's evolution into modern nation state, its multi-vector foreign policy, unique relationship with India and vibrant economy.

A Special Correspondent with India’s leading English daily Mail Today, DIPANJAN ROY CHAUDHURY’s areas of interests include foreign policy issues and strategic affairs.

Pages 144

ISBN 978-81-241-1494-0
Singh, Surinder
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur: Battle Strategy Against Mughal Forces

It is a first attempt about the successful use of strategies by an Indian general only 300 years back. It is considered that the study thereof will be greatly useful with the defence organizations and the institutes of management as the detailed strategy along with the battle details are given for easy understanding.

Surinder Singh, M.A. History, M.A. Political Science, after over thirty years service in Indian Defence Accounts Service retired as Controller Defence Accounts in 1987.

Pages 128

ISBN 978-81-241-1469-8
Singh, Rahul
Himsagar Express: An Exploration Of A Freeist Commoner

The book chronicles the author’s emotional journey through his vast homeland. Along the way, he finds himself in the company of a cross-section of his countrymen who illuminate the modern Indian life. By capturing the soul of the Indian Countryside, this work shows itself to be full of compassion and a genuine intent to understand and improve the changing face of India. Written with passion and conviction, the book challenges readers to look beyond old conceptions of India and experience the vibrant and dynamic soul of the world’s largest democracy.

Rahul Singh BHADORIA combines the Zeal of activism with academic excellence. He is trained in Hospitality and International Business in Switzerland, and corporate Strategy and Governance in UK. Currently, he owns and runs a food services company.

Pages 88

ISBN 978-81-241-1462-9
Goswami, Arnab
Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge

The book explores the difficulties of framing laws against terrorism. Against the backdrop of 11 September attacks, the book examines the crucial question of whether terrorism can, indeed, have a legal remedy. It also provides the reader a quick comparism of specific provisions of India’s own anti-terrorism laws with those in the West, especially the U.K.

ARNAB GOSWAMI is a Special Correspondent with New Delhi Television, and Prime-time anchor on the Star News Channel.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 176

ISBN 978-81-241-0851-2
Maj Gen Kuldip Singh Bajwa (Retd.)
India’s National Security: Military Challenges And Responses

This work is the first volume of the trilogy on India's power dynamics and the national security. Author examines the tentative initial discovery of armed power as an instrument of state policy in 1947-48; its degradation from 1949 to the national humiliation of 1962; and its resurgence in 1965.

MAJ GEN KULDIP SINGH BAJWA, graduated from the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, in 1959. He participated in all the military operations from 1947 to 1971. After leaving service, he became a widely read newspaper columnist on defence-related subjects, a defence analyst and a military historian.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Major General Kuldip Singh Bajwa was commissioned into the Indian Army on 22 Dec. 1946. He had held a variety of command and staff appointment and took part in all the military operations from 1947 to 1971. After leaving service on 1 Nov.1979, he became a widely read defense columnist an objectively critical military analyst, and an accurate military historian.

Pages 372

ISBN 978-81-241-1389-9
Bajwa, Kuldip Singh
The Dynamics of Soldiering

In combat, soldiers are prepared to lay down the most precious gift, life. What are the dynamics of their calling that motivate them to willingly, and often by a deliberate choice, sacrifice their lives? Invariably the motivation flows far beyond any considerations of self. There could not be anything nobler.
Unfortunately, the moral dynamics and the motivations are not generally understood or at best only imperfectly grasped by those not familiar with soldiering. This book is an attempt to open a window to this understanding.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 292

ISBN 978-81-241-0940-3
Puri, Rajinder
A Tale Of Two Countries: Chronicles Of A Columnist

The book is a collection of Rajinder Puri's published newspaper-column articles related to a single theme: Indo-Pakistan relations. The articles deal with different aspects of the problem—the international pressures that influence the relationship, the legacy of history that bedevils it, and the changing international context that suggests a way ahead.

RAJINDER PURI is a freelance newspaper columnist and cartoonist. Rajinder Puri is the author of six books on Indian politics. At present, he works as a freelance journalist, based in Delhi.

Pages 208

ISBN 978-81-241-1394-3
Dastider, Mollica
Understanding Nepal: Muslims in a Plural Society

Arguably one of the most diverse countries in the world, the plurality of Nepal has been a great revelation since the onset of democracy in 1990. This work engages the historic transition of Nepal from a monolithic Hindu kingdom to a multicultural democracy. Through a historic reconstruction of their collective efforts, this book underscores the importance of the Nepali Muslim’s demand for a recognition of difference, if not a demand for equality.
MOLLICA DASTIDER, works on minority, identity and religious majoritarianism in the plural societies. She did her Ph.D. from J.N.U and has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

Pages 240

ISBN 978-81-241-1271-7
Mehta, Ashok k
War Despatches: Operation Iraqi Freedom

War Despatches: Operation Iraqi Freedom is a fascinating account of America's on-going war in Iraq. Through daily despatches, the book provides an overview of the three-week long war. Altogether, the book is an Indian soldier's account and interpretation of the war and its aftermath.
MAJ GEN ASHOK K MEHTA has fought in every war and counterinsurgency operation that India has engaged in between 1957 and 1991 when he retired.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 216

ISBN 978-81-241-0995-3
Srinivasan, Krishnan
The Jamdani Revolution: Politics, Personalities And Civil Society In Bangladesh

The Jamdani Revolution is the first book to be published of an Indian envoy’s diaries during a diplomatic posting. The author narrates his reactions to communal riots, coup rumours, calumnies in the press, the cyclone of 1991, amnesia about the Liberation War, and the neglect of Bangladesh’s Hindu and Buddhist pre-Islamic history.

KRISHNAN SRINIVASAN was India's High Commissioner to Bangladesh from 1989-1992. He has published many books, and has contributed dozens of articles on international affairs to journals in India and abroad.

Under the auspices of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Pages 388

ISBN 978-81-241-1379-0
Chandra, Bipan
The Rise And Growth Of Economic Nationalism In India: Economic Policies Of Indian National Leadership, 1880-1905

If the political ideas of a people are shaped by the economic realities that surround them, then, the histories of the Indian national movement published hitherto cannot quite be regarded as either satisfactory or complete. A study of the economic policies of the Indian National leadership is therefore imperative to the understanding of the basis of the national movement and its development in the formative stages.

BIPAN CHANDRA, retired as Professor of Modern Indian History at JNU, and is now Professor Emeritus there. He has been UGC National Lecturer, Presidents of the Indian History. Congress and is at present National Research Professor.

Pages 688

ISBN 978-81-241-1417-9
Chandra, Bipan
Indian National Movement: The Long-Term Dynamics

The study argues that since the Indian national movement is the only actual historical example of a movement that succeeded in replacing or transforming a semi-democratic state structure, a study of its rich experience and its political strategy and style of leadership has a particular significance for those interested and engaged in the task of social transformation of democratic or hegemonic states and societies.

Pages 132

ISBN 978-81-241-1387-5
Chandra, Bipan
Essays On Indian Nationalism

In this collection of essays Professor Bipan Chandra, the eminent historian of Modern India, puts together some of his ideas on various aspects of the Indian National Movement. The author brings to bear on the subject his deep understanding based on decades of research, throwing light on what made possible this biggest mass movement of modern times, what was its legacy and what can be learnt from it for the future.

This is a refreshing insight into our past which, while offering many explanations of our present, reflects the author's relentless and by now well known efforts to mould the future on lines which would do our heritage proud.

Pages 244

ISBN 978-81-241-1574-9
Chandra, Bipan
Essays On Contemporary India

The volume concludes with a set of essays on socialism and the Left in Indian politics that are enlivened by a critical outlook that made the author into a dissenting voice within the Indian Left long before the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union made dissent popular and turned it into a necessity.

Pages 324

ISBN 978-81-241-1573-2
Chandra, Bipan
Communalism In Modern India

This volume analyses the essential features of communalism and the reasons for its growth in modern India. The author seeks to understand and interpret, and expose, communalism for what it is. He further seeks to determine its roots and social functions during the phase of its birth and growth in the colonial period and why it resulted in the partition of the country. In this process, against the backdrop of the freedom movement, the volume brings to light those aspects of India’s social, economic, political and cultural life which were responsible for the growth of communalism. Based on wide-ranging scholarship, the study also examines the role of British imperial policy in fostering communalism, which ultimately attained un-controllable, monstrous proportions.

Pages 412

ISBN 978-81-241-1416-2
Chandra, Satish
Social Change And Development In Medieval Indian History

These essays, written over the last quarter of a century, deal with a number of problems of relevance—social change and development dealing mainly in medieval India but tracing the developments in the earlier period, and the impact of these on present development at approaches; the role of cities in fostering an integrated composite culture; the role of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and the problem of integration, dynamism and decay in Indian culture.

Satish Chandra was Professor of History, J N U and Vice-Chairman and Chairman, U.G.C. Presently, he is Secretary-General, Society for Indian Ocean studies and the Secretary of the twelve volume Comprehensive History of India Scheme prepared by the Indian History Congress..

Pages 204

ISBN 978-81-241-1386-8
Chandra, Satish
Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals—Delhi Sultanat (1206-1526) — Part One

The present work is a broad survey of political, social, economic and cultural developments in India between 1206 and 1526. These three and a quarter centuries, called the Delhi Sultanat, is sometimes seen as a dark age of war and rapine in which little developments took place.
The author has tried to bridge the gap between current historical research and popular perception of a controversial phase in Indian history.

Pages 288 (Rev. Ed.)

ISBN 978-81-241-1266-3
Chandra, Satish
Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals—Mughal Empire

Tracing the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire upto 1761, an attempt has been made to probe the basis on which the Mughals mobilized support for themselves and the nature of the polity they evolved. The societal, economic, political, administrative and ideological challenges faced by an essentially liberal polity and the role of Aurangzeb have been carefully analyzed.
The author contends that if a regional balance of power based on states with different social structure had been stabilised, some parts of India could under favourable circumstances, have moved in the direction of capitalism.

Pages 552 (Rev. Ed.)

ISBN 978-81-241-1268-7
Chandra, Satish
Historiography, Religion and State in Medieval India

The present work starts with the theme of decentring of history and how, in the context of decolonization, all people in the world must write their own history. It goes on to assess the impact of Central Asian ideas and institutions on Indian history during the 10th to 14th centuries, and the growing concept of historiography in the country.
SATISH CHANDRA was Professor of History, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Vice-Chairman, then Chairman, University Grants Commission.

Pages 240

ISBN 978-81-241-0035-6
Gautier, François
A New History Of India

We know now that not only the history of India’s beginnings were written by European colonizers, with an intention to downsize, downgrade and postdate Indian civilization, but that unfortunately, generation after generation of Indian historians, for their own selfish purpose, endorsed and perpetuated these wrong theories, such as the Aryan invasion, which divided India like nothing else, pitting South against North, Aryan against Dravidian, Untouchables against Brahmins.

FRANÇOIS GAUTIER is a French journalist, political correspondent in South Asia during ten years for the Geneva-based Journal de Geneve, then for Le Figaro, France’s largest daily for eight years. He is now the Editor-in-Chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l’Inde (lesbelleslettres.com).

Pages 248

ISBN 978-81-241-1430-8
Gill, K.P.S.
Punjab: The Knights Of Falsehood

The terror in Punjab was not created in a vacuum. The events of the early eighties were the spark that ignited the fire; but it was fuelled by the deliberate distortion of the message of Sikhism by those who had donned the mantle of Sikh leadership in this century.

Having retired from the police, K.P.S. GILL now writes frequently for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Pages 142

ISBN 978-81-241-1364-6
Rao, Ramesh n. and elst, koenraad (ed.)
Gujarat After Godhra: Real Violence, Selective Outrage

The collection of essays has been put together for several reasons, the least of which is to rationalize the violence in Gujarat after the burning to death of 60 Hindus returning from a pilgrimage in the town of Godhra on February 27, 2002.
RAMESH N. RAO is an Associate Professor of Communication at Truman State University, a Public Liberal Arts and Sciences University in the United States.
KOENRAAD ELST is the author of more than 15 books on Indian nationalism, history, politics, religious conflict and such topics.

Pages 248

ISBN 81-241-0917-6
Nayar, kuldip
The Martyr: Bhagat Singh—Experiments in Revolution

Many great revolutionaries have now become mere names in history books. But Bhagat Singh still remains a living part of national memory, 70 years after he was hanged.
The Martyr has a lot of exclusive material. It explains, for the first time, why Hans Raj Vohra betrayed Bhagat Singh and his comrades. Kuldip Nayar takes a close look at the man behind the martyr: his heroism and humanity, his dreams and despair.
KULDIP NAYAR is among the top political journalists and columnists in the country and has been at the hub of things for over four decades.

Pages 200

ISBN 81-241-0700-9
Sharma, Brij Kishore
Social, Economic And Political Contribution Of Caste Associations In Northern India

The present study is divided into four chapters. Chapter One explains the various aspects of the rise and growth of caste associations. Chapter two investigates the various aspects and facts related to the Jat community in historical perspective. Chapter three presents the complete view of activities of the All-India Jat Mahasabha upto 1947. Chapter four forms the concluding part of this study.

BRIJ KISHORE SHARMA is working as Associate Professor and Head Deptt. of History, Kota Open University, Kota (Rajasthan).

Under the auspices of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Pages 148

ISBN 978-81-241-1412-4
Gautier, François
Arise Again, Ô India!

As the third millennium has dawned, there are two giants in Asia: China and India. But China is in the iron grip of a communist dictatorship since 1948, while India, whatever her shortcomings, has remained a democracy from the time of independence and the spirit of dharma has been preserved in this holy land, in spite of ten centuries of bloody invasions.

Pages 184

ISBN 978-81-241-0518-4
Katyal, k.k.
Journey to Amity: India and Musharraf's Pakistan

Journey to Amity: India and Musharraf’s Pakistan, deals with the developments in New Delhi’s relations with Islamabad since the ascendancy of Gen. Pervez Musharraf. The book covers the various extremes in bilateral ties—failed dialogue and successful meetings, near-war situation and the peace process—along with many changes in the mood of the two countries.
Recently, K.K. KATYAL completed his tenure of nearly three decades with The Hindu where he was actively engaged in the coverage of political developments, both domestic and in the field of foreign relations, apart from writing regular commentaries and interpretative and analytical articles.

Pages 304

ISBN 978-81-241-1119-2
Shyam Bhatia
Contemporary Afghanistan: A Political Dictionary

The book contains details of every member of the cabinet and the names of those Afghan delegates who attended the Loya Jirga in Kabul in June 2002 to endorse Hamid Karzai's transitional government until the fresh elections that were held in 2004.

SHYAM BHATIA is Senior Editor of the New York based weekly newspaper India Abroad.

Pages 420

ISBN 978-81-241-0901-4
Arpi, Claude
India and Her Neighbourhood:
A French Observer's Views

This series of articles published over a span of ten years covers subjects as diverse as the Dalai Lama's non-violent struggle for Tibet's 'genuine autonomy', the rise of China, the Kashmir imbroglio and the relations between India and France, all subjects close to his heart.
Born in Angoulême (France), CLAUDE ARPI'S real quest started thirty-three years ago with a journey to the Indian Himalayas. He writes regularly on Tibet, China, India and Indo-French relations.
For the past 30 years, Claude Arpi has been a keen observer of the political developments in India and her neighbourhood.

Pages 364

ISBN 978-81-241-1097-3
Puri et al, H. K.
Terrorism In Punjab: Understanding Grassroots Reality

The book presents the people's view of the terrorist fighters for Khalistan—their motivations, traits and activities—and the lived experience in their villages during the period of turmoil. As it comes out, the agenda of the terrorists, which presents a disturbing picture of social disorganisation, appeared to have little correspondence with the discourse of Sikh military.

HARISH K. PURI is a Professor of Political Science and currently holds B.R. Ambedkar Chair at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. PARAMJIT SINGH JUDGE is Professor of Sociology at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

JAGRUP SINGH SEKHON is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Pages 200

ISBN 978-81-241-1367-7
Jayanta Kumar Ray and Rakhee Bhattacharya (ed.)
Northeast India: Administrative Reforms and Economic Development

For several decades, India's Northeast has been plagued with multitudes of problems ranging from physical inaccessibility and remoteness of the region to absence of physical and social infrastructure, bad governance, inefficiency and their inevitable offshoot-endemic corruption, ethnic strife and, of course, the problems of separatist militant movements breeding a large number of terrorist groups that infest the region.

JAYANTA KUMAR RAY, a founder member of the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, is presently the Chairman of its Executive Council.

RAKHEE BHATTACHARYA, an economist by profession, is currently a Fellow with the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata.

Under the auspices of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Pages 220

ISBN 978-81-241-1411-7
Awasthy, S. S.
Indian Government And Politics

The book sets out, through a certain thoughtfulness and constructive thrust not only to give a clearer understanding of the issues involved in Indian Politics, but also to interpret and re-state them in a lucid style. Besides discussing the conventional topics relating to Indian Government and Politics, the book tackle issues ranging from women, dalits, peasants and tribals to environment, nuclear tests and the role of violence in Indian Political System.

S.S. Awasthy has been teaching Political Science in PGDAV College (University of Delhi) for the last thirty years. He also writes short stories and poems for which he has received several awards.

Pages 568

ISBN 978-81-241-1445-2
Arora, N.D. and Awasthy, S.S.
Political Theory and Political Thought

The book seeks to study the numerous concepts which have enlivened Political Science from time to time. It is an endeavour to give new orientations to political concepts and ideas together with the thoughts and views of great masters, both the Western (Aristotle, Locke, Mill and Marx) and the Indians (Kautilya, Gandhi, Ambedkar, Nehru and Periyar).
N.D. ARORA taught Political Science for over four decades. He retired from active service as Reader in Political Science from PGDAV College.
S.S. AWASTHY has been teaching Political Science in PGDAV College for the last twenty-five years.

Pages 456

ISBN 978-81-241-1215-1
Chandra, Bipan
Ideology And Politics In Modern India

This volume brings together a number of essays on the political and ideological aspects of modern Indian history written by the eminent historian, Prof. Bipan Chandra, over roughly the last decade. The central essay of the collection is a study of Jawaharlal Nehru which aims at an evaluation of his contribution to the making of modern India in an attempt to find out why even the staunchest critics, look back with nostalgia on the ‘Nehru era’.

The volume also includes a number of smaller essays which are of immense value as they acquaint us with the views of one of our foremost scholars and teachers on a wide variety of historical personalities and political and intellectual trends. BIPAN CHANDRA retired as Professor of Modern History from JNU, New Delhi, and is now Professor Emeritus there.

Pages 329

ISBN 978-81-241-1369-1
Bajwa, Kuldip Singh
Jammu and Kashmir War (1947-48): Political and Military Perspective

TAn indepth examination of the political and military perspectives of Jammu and Kashmir War (1947-48) throws up many intriguing questions. What was the British role in the Kashmir conflict? Why did the Nehru dominated Indian leadership fail to defend and promote vital national interests? There are many more such questions. Maj Gen Bajwa, makes an honest attempt to find the answers.
MAJ GEN KULDIP SINGH BAJWA is a military historian and a defense analyst. For nearly 18 years, he was a widely read newspaper columnist on defence related subjects.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 336

ISBN 81-241-0923-0
Bernard, J.A.
From Raj to the Republic: A Political History of India (1935-2000)

The successful establishment of a competitive parliamentary system against the nearly overwhelming difficulties its leaders faced after independence and against the nearly universal trends elsewhere in postcolonial societies is one of the greatest stories of the twentieth century. It is a story that virtually all scholars of Indian history and politics feel a compulsion to comprehend through the telling and retelling of it to ourselves, to each other, and to our students.
JEAN ALPHONSE BERNARD, a former civil servant, was educated at Ecole National d’Administration, Paris, being from the second batch (1948). He is the Vice-President of the French-Indian Association in Paris.

Pages 500

ISBN 81-241-0766-1
Bhatia, Shyam
Contemporary Afghanistan: A Political Dictionary

The book contains details of every member of the cabinet and the names of those Afghan delegates who attended the Loya Jirga in Kabul in June 2002 to endorse Hamid Karzai's transitional government until the fresh elections that were held in 2004.
SHYAM BHATIA is Senior Editor of the New York based weekly newspaper India Abroad.

Pages 420

ISBN 81-241-0901-X
Bhim Singh
Murder of Democracy in
Jammu and Kashmir

The book deserves a thorough and sincere attention of those who desire that Jammu and Kashmir should grow as an integral part of India without any further bloodshed. The book is written by the victim himself who had won the election to the Parliament in 1988 yet could never enter the floors of Parliament.
BHIM SINGH is a prolific writer, human rights crusader, globetrotter, documentary filmmaker, practising lawyer and active political leader. Acknowledged specialist on Jammu and Kashmir affairs, Balkans, Gulf crisis and West Asia's geo-politics.

Pages 256

ISBN 81-241-0864-1
Chamling, Pawan
Sikkim in South East Asia and Europe

These visits to South East Asian countries and six European countries by the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in the beginning of 2006 is a direct consequence of what the Government of Sikkim has been doing under his leadership towards consolidation of the outward orientation of Sikkim.
These serious and consistent attempts by the Government have started yielding very significant results for the people of Sikkim. This has changed the entire scope and orientation of the socio-economic development in Sikkim. It has brought unprecedented opportunities for the people of Sikkim and the playing field has been widened in an accelerated manner.

Pages 198

ISBN 978-81-241-1255-7
Chandra, Bipan
Essays on Indian Nationalism

In this collection of essays Professor Bipan Chandra, the eminent historian of Modern India, puts together some of his ideas on various aspects of the Indian National Movement. The author brings to bear on the subject his deep understanding based on decades of research, throwing light on what made possible this biggest mass movement of modern times, what was its legacy and what can be learnt from it for the future.
This is a refreshing insight into our past which, while offering many explanations of our present, reflects the author's relentless and by now well known efforts to mould the future on lines which would do our heritage proud.

Pages 244 (Rev. Ed.)

ISBN 81-241-0439-5
Ranganathan, c.v. and khanna, Vinod c.
India and China: The Way Ahead

By examining the mutual misperceptions prevalent among the leadership of both countries at that time, the authors seek to deflate the high degree of self-righteousness and charged emotions that have hither to marked discussions on the boundary dispute in both countries. India-China relations are not an all-or-nothing proposition, but a mixed bag of issues with varying degrees of solvability.
Both RANGANATHAN and KHANNA speak and read Chinese and have dealt with China for long periods during their careers. They are both honorary Fellows of the Institute of Chinese Studies.

Pages 240

ISBN 81-241-0647-9
Sareen, Sushant
The Jihad Factory: Pakistan's Islamic Revolution in the Making

The Jihad Factory is a book that highlights the impunity with which Islamic extremist organisations are functioning inside Pakistan. The book relies almost entirely on material already published in the Pakistani press and these reports together paint a graphic picture of the Jihad industry, which is growing at such an alarming pace that it could take over Pakistan in not too distant a future.
SUSHANT SAREEN is currently an Associate Fellow with Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in addition to being the Executive Editor, Public Opinion Trends (POT).

Under the auspices of Observer Research Foundation

Pages 352

ISBN 81-241-1075-1
Singh, A.k.
India's Security Concerns in the Indian Ocean Region

At the cusp of the 21st Century, the security of the Indian Ocean region continues to be confronted with boundless threats, more from non-traditional sources, that have obviously become manifold in the Post-Cold War era. These threats emanate from non-military sources like drug-trafficking, frequent cross-border terrorism, proliferation of small arms, some ethno-religious and tribal conflicts, etc.
ANIL KUMAR SINGH is currently working with India’s foremost news channel Aaj Tak. His area of special interests are: National Security, Indian Ocean, SAARC, New World Order, Globalization, New International Order and other related issues.

Under the auspices of Military Affairs Series

Pages 308

ISBN 81-241-0921-4
Swamy, Subramanian
Sri Lanka in Crisis: India's Options

The book is about the genesis of the crisis and proposes a clear cut alternative policy framework for Indian intervention in the Sri Lanka crisis.
Contents: I. The Problem: Terrorism—Is it Created by Differences in Religion or Language? II. The Alternative Solutions: Which is Feasible? III. India's Options: The Scope and Limits of Intervention.
Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, DR. SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY has won many laurels. He has contributed to India's growth in his various capacities as Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister and later as Chairman of the Commission on International Trade and WTO's labour standards (1994-1996).

Pages 180

ISBN 81-241-1260-6
Dev, Nirender
Ayodhya: Battle for Peace

 For those interested in wheels-within-wheels on Ayodhya tangle and communal amity between Hindus and Muslims, the study is an exploration of common people’s changing soul through the history of decades-old confrontation.
NIRENDRA DEV is rooted in studies on ethnic and communal conflicts. Dev’s areas of interest range from strategic and defence studies to geo-political issues is South Asia and Africa.

Pages 192

ISBN 978-81-241-1594-7
Minayev, Ivan
Old India: Notes on Afanasy Nikitin’s “Voyage beyond the Three Seas”

 The description of the medieval India placed by the Russian scholar against the background of a rich personal experience he gained during traveling around nineteenth century India, enables him to trace the evolution of Indian society during the period of several centuries.
IVAN PAVLOVICH MINAYEV, an outstanding Russian research school, authored more than 130 books on Indian and Eastern religion, philosophy, linguistics, ethnography and geography.

Pages 212

ISBN 978-81-241-1597-8
Singh, Bhim
Jammu & Kashmir: The blunders and Way Out

 The book is a strikingly original revelation of facts and history of Jammu and Kashmir based on authentic historical data and placed in socio-political perspective. BHIM SINGH is a prolific writer, human rights crusader, a world-known globetrotter, documentary filmmaker and practicing Attorney-at-Law in the Supreme Court of India. He has been providing free legal aid to those who have been detained illegally and without trial.

ISBN 978-81-241-1587-9
Mehrotra, Lakhan
My Days in Sri Lanka

The book touches on the ancient beginnings of that conflict, briefly follows on its evolution during the last century until it reached its peak in the 1980s, and then takes us in detail through the authors’ own experiences there nearly two years after the 1987 Indo-Sri Lankan Peace Agreement was signed and the Indian Peace Keeping Force had been inducted.
Ambassador LAKHAN MEHROTRA was India’s High Commissioners in Sri Lanka from April 1989 to June 1990. Mehrotra left Colombo for New Delhi to serve as Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Pages 256

ISBN 978-81-241-1614-2
Nath, Shruti
Delineation the of Disadvantaged

The title of the book in revealing its contents, portraying re-interpretation of the plight of the disadvantaged, as captured in various works of Mulk Raj Anand, yet, an exhaustive effort has been made to investigate and analyse varied aspects projected in the works such as causes for social, economical, psychological and political problems of the disadvantaged section of the society. In any case, the book will leave enough margin for future critics of Mulk. If he pretended to be a reformer or he was.
To begin with, SHRUTI NATH, a post-graduate from University of Allahabad in English literature did her doctorate from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi.

Pages 204

ISBN 978-81-241-1619-7