Commerce, Management And Economics
Shri Prakash and Chaturvedi, h. (ed.)
WTO, Intellectual Property Right and Branding

The book highlights the potential benefits of the protection of IPRs to the Indian economy. The book distinguishes product brand from company brand and analyses the intricate relation between (i) brand building and IPRs, and (ii) market positioning of brand. The book goes deeper into the analytics of conceptual framework, theoretical paradigms and methodological complexities.
SHRI PRAKASH is Professor and Dean (Research), BIMTECH and Editor, Business Perspectives.
H. CHATURVEDI is Professor and Director, Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida.
Under the auspices of Birla Institute of Management Technology

Pages 380

ISBN 978-81-241-1256-4
Chona, w.s.
The Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Manual aims at an effective and efficient coordination of Engineering staff (design, architecture, tender document preparation, inviting bids from pre-qualified bidders and acceptance of the lowest and workable bid), construction site supervisory staff, contractor(s) tradesmen and the site supervisory staff, performance as a cohesive team with unified focus and completion of the project(s) within the stipulated time and cost.
MAJ. GEN. W.S. CHONA, VSM of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army retired from the active service in November 1994.

Pages 292

ISBN 81-241-0958-3
Mishra, j.s.
A Quest for Dream Cities

The book outlines not only the ways and means needed for good urban governance, keeping in view the expectations and aspirations of the people for a good civic life, and existing gaps between the requirement and availability of resources; but also emphasises the importance of proper infrastructure, civic services, and a sustainable environment.
As a Secretary, Urban Development, Government of U.P. J.S. MISHRA is responsible for policy decisions and programme implementation in the field of Urban Development at the apex level.

Pages 256

ISBN 81-241-0867-6
Oommen, m. a. (ed.)
A Decade of Decentralisation in Kerala:

The volume contains eight papers that critically evaluate the first decade of experience of decentralisation in Kerala. The book focusses on two vital aspects of decentralisation viz. the theory and practice of decentralised planning and on decentralisation and gender in Kerala.
M. A. OOMMEN, Malcolm Adiseshiah Chair Professor, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, is an economist of repute with a rich collection of professional papers and twenty three books to his credit.

Under the auspices of Institute of Social Sciences

Pages 252

ISBN 978-81-241-1222-9
Rajan, y.s.
Choosing Career Paths

The main focus of the book is on the practical options of productive employment for millions of youth in our country. The book provides many practical tips, in the Indian context, for such a preparation.
The emphasis, with many real life examples, is to create new options and not merely chase the old beaten paths or much hyped narrow paths.
Y. S. RAJAN is Vice-Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Governors, Punjab Technical University (PTU), as well as Scientific Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab with rank of the Minister of State.

Under the auspices of Science for Knowledge Society Series

Pages 212

ISBN 81-241-0883-8
Rajan, y.s.
Empowering Indians: With Economic, Business and Technology Strengths for the Twenty-first Century

The book addresses most topical issues with specific examples in the Indian context. It is useful for all those who are desirous of actions for policies, business growth, global leadership, poverty removal and acquiring critical technological strengths. It also addresses the crucial aspects of continual employment.
FOREWORD BY DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM, President of India

Under the auspices of Science for Knowledge Society Series

Pages 240 (Rev. Ed.)

ISBN 81-241-0770-X
Vas, luis s.r.
Creative Ways to Generate

Creative Ways to Generate Income brings together numerous ideas and a vast amount of information on how to generate income through a part-time or full-time business of your own.
LUIS S. R. VAS has authored over a dozen books and some 500 articles during his decades-long career in feature writing, publishing and corporate communications.

Pages 178

ISBN 81-241-0904-4