Banerjee, Parthasarathi
Biomedical Innovation in India: With a Comparison to China and

A must read for persons interested in technological change, innovation strategy, policy studies, knowledge economy, manpower, knowledge geography, China studies, institutional economics, health economics and above all sociology and politics of technological change.

PARTHASARATHI BANERJEE works for the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS).


Pages 276

ISBN 81-241-1227-4
Jayasuriya, d.c.
Medicinal Products and the Law in Developing Countries: Concepts, Issues and

The book deals with the regulation of medicinal products from both a national as well as an international perspective.
The book is intended for a wide readership-drug regulators, policy-makers, legislators, pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry representatives, health lawyers, prescribing physicians, etc.
DAYANATH JAYASURIYA is a lawyer who has worked with the World Health Organization in Geneva and the United Nations International Drug Control Programme for many years on drug-related issues.

Pages 176

ISBN 81-241-0853-6