Art & Architecture 

Debu Chaudhuri, Pandit
Indian Music & Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan


This volume has three sections: first consisting of the reminiscences and tributes paid by late Khan Saheb’s friends, admirers and followers; the second section consisting of invaluable articles on various aspects of Indian music by internationally famed scholars; and the third section on Khan Sahab by the author and some of Khan Sahab’s compositions.

PANDIT DEVABRATA CHAUDHURI, popularly known as ‘Debu,” is a recipient of the prestigious government award of Padmabhushan and National Sangeet Natak Akademy Award for his special contribution in the field of music.

ISBN 978-81-241-1627-2
Singh, N.K.
Coronation of Shiva

Masrur temples are dedicated to Coronation of Shiva and Parvati while all God and Goddesses are in attendance; a theme depicted no where in India. This book brings to light the unique structure with its history and hoary past as articulated by the single rock on which the temples majestically stand. It also revolutionaries prevailing beliefs about the temple sculpture aesthetics of India thus opening new window of art appreciation and a sense of wonder about the thematic uniqueness and identity of artists.

N. K. SINGH is the former Chairman of International Airports Authority of India. He also served as Chairman, National Shipping Board and as Adviser with the United Nations. Presently, he lives in a forest in Himachal engaged in writing and painting besides active public service.

Pages 100

ISBN 978-81-241-1478-0
Sharma, Janhwij
Architectural Heritage:

Ladakh, a region isolated for centuries, has unique, exclusive and rich cultural base. The book provides a comprehensive account of the architectural heritage of this unparalleled landscape. It is meant not only for architects or conservation professionals but also for the local people and visitors in the region who should also be aware of the living heritage of the region.

JANHWIJ SHARMA is a conservation architect, working as Director (Programme) for its Architectural Heritage Division. He has contributed several articles in both national and international journals.

Pages 180

ISBN 81-241-0979-6
Maharaj, Pt. Birju
Ang Kavya:

Due to the paucity of good books with authentic information on Kathak dance, the need for a book like Ang Kavya was greatly felt. Earlier, dance movements had no established names, and hence it was difficult to refer to them without actually showing them.

Born in the family of hereditary dancers. BIRJU MAHARAJ is the torch-bearer of the famous family, Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Lucknow, which has been serving the art of Kathak dance through centuries.

Pages 85

ISBN 81-241-0861-7