Also Published 
Biography And Memoirs

Author: Abraham, P.K.
Extraordinary Performance From Ordinary People
ISBN 81-241-0865-X 116pp

Bali, Yogendra

Pawan Chamling: Daring To Be Different

ISBN 81-241-0924-9 348pp

Chakravarty, S.R. And Paul, M.C. (Ed.)

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: Relevance To Contemporay World

ISBN 81-241-0601-0 284pp

Author: Giani Zail Singh Foundation

Memoirs Of Giani Zail Singh: The Seventh President Of India

ISBN 81-241-0502-2 318pp

Author: Hameed, S.S. (Ed.)

Zakir Husain: Teacher Who Became President

ISBN 81-241-0600-2 434pp

Author: Kumar, Surendra

Legends Of Indian Cinema: Pen Portraits

ISBN 81-241-0872-2 224pp

Author: Menon, V.K.R.

The Raj And After: Memoirs Of A Bihar Civilian

ISBN 81-241-0664-9 138pp

Author: Nanda, S.R.

An Old Soldier Speaks Out

ISBN 81-241-0849-8 168pp

Author: Oberoi, R.K. (Ed.)

The Hinduites: Alumni Directory

ISBN 81-241-0703-3 96pp

Author: Shanker, Gauri

To Man, To Country And To God: Biography of M.P. Birla

ISBN 81-241-0007-1 190pp


Author: Bhalla, S.S. (E.D.)

New Economic Policies For A New India

ISBN 81-241-0701-7 280pp

Author: Mozoomdar, Ajit

The Indian Economy: A Different View

ISBN 81-241-0693-2 124pp

Author: Natarajan, G.

Rupee Watch: The Story Of The Indian Forex Market Retold (1993-1999)

ISBN 81-241-0855-2 228pp

Author: Sengupta, Arjun

Reforms, Equity And The Imf: An Economists World

ISBN 81-241-0741-6 320pp

Author: Srivastava, D.K. (E.D.)

Fiscal Federalism In India: Contemporary Challenges—Issues Before The Eleventh Finance Commission

ISBN 81-241-0713-0 440pp


Author: Pt. Birju Maharaj

Ang Kavya

ISBN 81-241-0861-7 88pp


Author: Anand, Mulk Raj

Reflections On A White Elephant: A Novel

ISBN 81-241-0837-4 230pp

Author: Chandra, Anil

Waiting For The Buddha And Other Stories

ISBN 81-241-0689-4 132pp

Author: Chandra, Anil

Glimpses Of Ancient India: Letters From Grandfather

ISBN 81-241-0844-7 96pp

Author: Chandra, Anil

The Amazing Miracles: A Treasury Of Stories

ISBN 81-241-0845-5 120pp

Author: Chawla, Nishi

Twist Of Truth

ISBN 81-241-0816-1 120pp

Author: Das, J.P.

Sundardas: A Play In Three Acts

ISBN 81-241-0850-1 104pp

Author: Jain, Sushama

Structures Of Japanese And Hindi

ISBN 81-241-0744-0 136pp

Author: Khanna, Satti (Ed.)

His Daily Bread: Modern Hindi Short Stories

ISBN 81-241-0037-3 166pp

Author: Kumar, Surendra

Kokila: A Novel

ISBN 978-81-241-0965-6 136pp

Author: Mrityunjaya, Manohar

Beauty Prosperity Victory

ISBN 81-241-0999-0 132pp

Author: Narayanaswamy, Chandramoni

The Millennium Child And Other Stories

ISBN 978-81-241-0981-6 96pp

Author: Parulekar, Susan

Penumbra: A Novel

ISBN 81-241-0928-1 220pp

Author: Quraishi, Humra

Bad Time Tales: A Collection Of Short Stories

ISBN 978-81-241-0863-5 130pp

Author: Ranchan, Som

O'er Travelled Roads: Mythic And Actual

ISBN 81-241-0743-2 160pp

Author: Srinivasan, Krishnan

Guesswork: A Novel

ISBN 81-241-1062-X 272pp

Author: Srinivasan, Krishnan

The Ugly Ambassador: A Novel

ISBN 978-81-241-0933-5 280pp

Author: Thakur Vijai Singh

Patterns Of Destiny: A Novel

ISBN 81-241-0640-1 192pp

Author: Todorovic, Novak

Testimonies On War: A Collection Of Short Stories

ISBN 81-241-0848-X 152pp

Author: Vaid, Sunil

Mortal Cure: A Novel

ISBN 978-81-241-1361-5 336pp

History And Politics

Author: Ahmar, Moonis (Ed.)

The Ctbt Debate In Pakistan

ISBN 81-241-0818-8 200pp

Author: Ahmar, Moonis (Ed.)

The Challenge Of Confidence-Building In South Asia

ISBN 81-241-0840-4 440pp

Author: Arora, N.D. And Awasthy, S.S.

Political Theory

ISBN 81-241-0594-4 416pp

(2nd Rev. Ed.)

Author: Bahl, P.N. And Sawian, Bijoya

The New Millennium And The Watershed In Indian Politics

ISBN 81-241-0747-5 94pp

Author: Bajwa, Maj. Gen. Kuldip Singh (Retd.)

Jammu And Kashmir War (1947-48): Political And Military Perspective

ISBN 81-241-0923-0 336pp

Author: Barua, B.P.

Ethnicity And National Integration In Bangladesh: A Study Of The Chittagong Hill Tracts

ISBN 81-241-0750-5 160pp

Author: Behera, N.C. (Ed.)

States, People And Security

ISBN 81-241-0839-0 303pp

Author: Bhatia, Prem

Reflections Along A Political Journey

ISBN 81-241-0871-4 480pp

Bhim Singh

Iraq: A Heroic Resistance

ISBN 81-241-0833-1 272pp

Author: Chenoy, Anuradha M.

The Making Of New Russia

ISBN 81-241-0803-X 280pp

Author: Chopra, Pran
India: The Way Ahead
ISBN 81-241-0517-0 162pp

Author: Das, Sitanshu

Indian Nationalism: Study In Evolution

ISBN 81-241-0620-7 232pp

Author: Jethmalani, Ram

Big Egos, Small Men

ISBN 81-241-0760-2 176pp

Author: Kachroo, Vijay

Ancient India

ISBN 81-241-0694-0 528pp

Author: Kumar, Ashwani

Law, Ideas And Ideology In Politics: Perspectives Of An Activist

ISBN 81-241-0925-7 224pp

Author: Mehta, Vinod (Ed.)

Reforming Administration In India

ISBN 81-241-0705-X 460pp

Author: Mohnot, S.R. (Ed.)

Towards A New Global Order: Essays In Honour Of Dr. L.M. Singhvi

ISBN 81-241-0110-8 420pp

Author: Mukarji, Apratim

The War In Sri Lanka: Unending Conflict?

ISBN 81-241-0746-7 156pp

Author: Nayar, Baldev Raj

India And The Major Powers After Pokhran II

ISBN 81-241-0799-8 208pp

Author: Panjwani, R.A. And Mansukhani, S.K.

Sindh: Land Of Hope And Glory

ISBN 81-241-0846-3 200pp

Author: Rashid, Harun Ur

Indo-Bangladesh Relations: An Insider's View

ISBN 81-241-0838-2 168pp

Author: Rao, Ramesh N.
Coalition Conundrum: The Bjp's Trials, Tribulations, And Triumphs
ISBN 81-241-0809-9 240pp

Author: Rao, Ramesh N.
Secular "Gods" Blame Hindu "Demons": The Sangh Parivar Through The Mirror Of Distortion
ISBN 81-241-0808-0 276pp

Author: Raza, Maroof (Ed.)

Generals And Governments In India And Pakistan

ISBN 81-241-0762-9 144pp

Author: Sahni, Sati

Kashmir Underground

ISBN 81-241-0637-1 520pp

Author: Sareen, Sushant
The Jihad Factory: Pakistan's Islamic Revolution In The Making
ISBN 978-81-241-1075-1 352pp
Under The Auspices Of Observer Research Foundation

Author: Sen, Ayanjit (Ed.)
India's Neighbours: Problems And Prospects
ISBN 81-241-0832-3 160pp

Author: Singh, Anil Kumar

India's Security Concerns In The Indian Ocean Region

ISBN 978-81-241-0921-2 308pp

Author: Singh, Shubha

FIJI: A Precarious Coalition

ISBN 81-241-0745-9 184pp

Author: Sondhi, M.L. (Ed.)
Democratic Peace: The Foreign Policy Implications
ISBN 81-241-0706-8 184pp

Sondhi, M.L. (Ed.)

Nuclear Weapons And India's National Security

ISBN 81-241-0661-4 204pp

Sondhi, M.L. (Ed.)

Terrorism And Political Violence: A Sourcebook

ISBN 81-241-0707-6 160pp

Author: Sondhi, M.L. (Ed.)

Towards A New Era: Economic, Social And Political Reforms

ISBN 81-241-0800-5 688pp

Author: Tarapot, Phanjoubam

Bleeding Manipur

ISBN 81-241-0902-8 324pp

Author: Thomas, Christopher (Ed.)

Assignment India

ISBN 81-241-0266-X 252pp

Author: Young, Catherine

Letters From India

ISBN 81-241-0900-1 172pp

Author: A.N. Sinha Institute Of Social Studies
Journal Of Social And Economic Studies
ISBN 81-241-0067-5 156pp

Library Science / Education

Author: Kumar, Krishan

Research Methods In Library And Information Science

ISBN 81-241-0602-9 352pp

Author: Krishan Kumar


ISBN 81-241-0012-8 320pp

Author: Mehrotra, R.C.

Ecstasy Of Enlightenment

ISBN 81-241-0834-X 152pp

Mass Media And Publishing

Author: Abraham, P.K.

Extraordinary Performance From Ordinary People

ISBN 81-241-0865-X 116pp

Author: Gautier, François

A Western Journalist On India: The Ferengi’s Columns

ISBN 81-241-0795-5 176pp

Author: Rahman, M.G.

Communication Issues In Bangladesh

ISBN 81-241-0603-7 178pp

Author: Seth, Suhel

In Your Face

ISBN 81-241-0860-9 312pp


Author: Anand, J.D., Mittal, P.K. And Wadhwa, Ajay

Mathematical Physics: Part I

ISBN 81-241-0813-7 335pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D., Mittal, P.K. And Wadhwa, Ajay

Mathematical Physics: Part II

ISBN 81-241-0814-5 324pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D., Mittal, P.K. And Wadhwa, Ajay

Mathematical Physics: Part III

ISBN 81-241-0815-3 407pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D., Mittal, P.K. And Wadhwa, Ajay


ISBN 81-241-0805-6 501pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D. And Mittal, P.K.

Special Functions (For Physicists And Engineers)

ISBN 81-241-0077-2 248pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D. And Mittal, P.K.

A Textbook Of Group Theory

ISBN 81-241-0148-5 214pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D. And Mittal, P.K.

A Textbook Of Sound

ISBN 81-241-0095-0 580pp
  (Rev. Ed.)

Author: Anand, J.D. And Mittal, P.K.

Waves And Oscillations

ISBN 81-241-0073-X 582pp
  (Rev. Ed.)


Author: Arupananda, Swami And Patnaik, H.P. (Ed.)

Songs For Kanha

ISBN 81-241-0794-7 88pp

Author: Kirpal, Prem


ISBN 81-241-0804-8 104pp

Author: Markandya, Sarla

Homage To Life With Flowers

ISBN 81-241-0856-0 80pp

Author: Markandya, Sarla
I Had A Dream
ISBN 81-241-0801-3 88pp

Author: Sabat, Amrita
A Palette Of Reflections: A Book Of Poems
ISBN 978-81-241-0854-3 80pp

Author: Satpathy, Pratibha
A Time Of Rising
ISBN 81-241-0907-9 92pp

Author: Thakur, Nirmal
Understanding Of Life
ISBN 81-241-0632-0 80pp

Author: Chona, Shayama (Gen. Ed.)

Kaleidoscope India: The India Quiz Book

ISBN 81-241-1068-9 192pp

Author: Yadav, R.S.

Quiz Unlocked

ISBN 81-241-0757-2 160pp

Author: Arupananda, Swami

Sorrow Of Cosmos

ISBN 81-241-0932-X 160pp

Author: Narayan, B.K.

The Immortal Buddha’s Path To Liberation (A Comparative Introduction)

ISBN 81-241-0914-1 260pp

Author: Regunathan, Sudhamahi

Siku: Faith And Conversion—Donyipolo Movement In Arunachal Pradesh

ISBN 81-241-0099-3 252pp

Author: Thampu, Valson (Ed.)

Pilgrims To The Light: Encounters In A Shared Destiny

ISBN 81-241-0643-6 148pp

Author: Vaidya, Pravina Kumari
Divine Science
ISBN 81-241-0922-2 120pp

Author: Chaudhary, S.N.

Occupationally Mobile Scavengers

ISBN 81-241-0710-6 140pp

Konsam, Saratchandra

Glimpses On The Culture And Biology Of The People Of North East India

ISBN 81-241-0797-1 228pp

Author: Prasad, Yuvaraj Deva And Mishra, Anil

Rural Development In Bihar: Problems And Prospects

ISBN 81-241-0704-1 272pp

Author: Varma, Pavan K.

People Like Us

ISBN 81-241-0758-0 136pp

Author: Rajaraman, G.

Match-Fixing: The Enemy Within

ISBN 81-241-0796-3 184pp

Author: Wadhwaney, K.R.
Cricket War Plus Shooting
ISBN 81-241-0868-4 102pp

Author: Wadhwaney, K.R.

India-Pakistan Ashes (1952-1999)

ISBN 81-241-0628-2 256pp

Author: Wadhwaney, K.R.

The Romance Of World Cup Cricket (1975-2003)

ISBN 81-241-0852-8 224pp


Author: Dharmarajan, S. And Seth, Rabindra

Tourism In India: Trends And Issues

ISBN 81-241-0204-X 232pp

Author: Kaul, Virender

Tourism And The Economy

ISBN 81-241-0190-6 133pp

Women Studies

Author: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Women In Politics: Forms And Processes

ISBN 81-241-0140-X 200pp

Author: Jayasuriya, Shanti And Jayasuriya, D.C.

Women And Development: The Road From Beijing

ISBN 81-241-0593-6 308pp

Author: Jethmalani, Rani (Ed.)

Kali's Yug: Empowerment, Law And Dowry Deaths

ISBN 81-241-0360-7 160pp
Under The Auspices Of Women's Action Research And Legal Action For Women

Author: Kaushik, Susheela

Family And Rights Of Girls

ISBN 81-241-0171-X 286pp

Author: Kaushik, Susheela

Women And Panchayati Raj

ISBN 81-241-0177-9 174pp
Under The Auspices Of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung