Author:Taneja, anup
Gandhi, women, and the national movement (1920-47)
Action for welfare and awakening in rural environment (aware)

Sohoni, neera k. And singh, meera
People in action

Asian development research institute

Author: Bhattacharya, govind
Public finances in bihar:
A case study of bihar

Birla institute of management technology

Author: Shri prakash and chaturvedi, h.

Wto, intellectual property rights and branding

Centre for federal studies, Jamia hamdard university

Author: Khan, rasheeduddin
Sanghiya bharat: parivartan ki ek rupe rekha

Centre for multi-disciplinary Development research

Author: Panchamukhi, P. R.
Educational change in india: a century of effort

Author: Panchamukhi, P. R.

Plan financing of health, family welfare and nutrition in india

Author: Panchamukhi, P. R.

Tax rate and tax revenue: a quantitative study

Centre for social research

Author: Kumari, ranjana
Reign she will

Conflict management group, centre for science policy, jawaharlal nehru university

Author: Sondhi, m. L. And paranjpe, shrikant

A peace agenda for indian foreign policy

Council for social development

Author: Ali, sabir

Environment and resettlement colonies of delhi

Author: Ali, sabir

Low-cost sanitation in uttar pradesh: an evaluation study

Author: Ali, sabir

Modernising urban india: an essay in environmental sanitation

Author: Ali, sabir

Slums within slums

Author: Ali, sabir

Socio-economic status of scavengers: A study

Author: Batra, s. L.

Employment for women: a study of export-oriented garment industry

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Status of tribals in india: health, education and employment

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Tribals in india: development, deprivation and discontent

Department of science and technology

Perspectives in science and technology, vol. I & ii

Development alternatives

Author: Dang, himraj

Human conflict in conservation protected areas: The indian experience

Author: Gusain, p.p.s.

Cooking energy in india

Author: Gusain, P.P.S.

Renewable energy in india

Author: Gusain, P.P.S. and pandey, manoj

Micro-level energy planning: a case study of orissa

Author: Heierli, urs

Environmental limits to motorisation: non-motorised transport in developed and developing countries

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Solar architecture and earth construction in the northwest Himalaya

Puneet, kishore

Weaving technology in india: jacquards

Revi, aromar

Shelter in india

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Rural energy planning in sikkim

Development research and action group

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The central himalayas: socio-economic profile of garhwal and kumaon

Development and research services

Author: Rao, g.v.l. narasimha and balakrishnan, k.

Indian elections: in the nineties

Dr. Abid husain memorial trust

Author: Askari, hasan
Society and state in islam: an introduction

Author: Devaraja, n.k.

Hinduism and the modern age

Author: Husain, s. Abid

The destiny of indian muslims

Author: Nakamura, hajime

Buddhism in comparative light

Author: Saiyidain, k.g.

Islam: the religion of peace

Environment and development research

Author: Agarwal, manmohan and others

Indian economy in transition: environmental and development issues

The fiscal research foundation

Author: Jha, l.k.

Indian economy

Author: Jha, l. K.

India’s economic development: a critique

Indian polity and finance:
L.k. jha memorial lectures 1988-1996
Friedrich ebert stiftung

Women in politics: forms and processes

Author: Bhargava, k.k. and hussain, r.m.

Saarc and european union

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Media and development

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Management of savings and credit programmes by ngos: a reference book

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Communication planning for socio-economic development

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Structural adjustment, public policy and bureaucracy in developing societies

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Women and panchayati raj

Author: Sankaran, t.s. and others (ed.)

Development of social security programmes in developing countries

Author: Sankaran, t.s. and others (ed.)

Social security in developing countries

Foundation for aviation and Sustainable tourism

Author: Sidhu, s.s. (ed.)

Aviation and sustainable tourism: emerging trends

Author: Sidhu, s.s. (ed.)
New horizons in travel and tourism: asian approach

Author: Sidhu, s.s. (ed.)
Flight into the millenium: aviation and tourism symbiosis
Fourth freedom forum

Author: Brembeck, howard s.

In search of the fourth freedom

Himalayan research and cultural Foundation

Author: Pushp, p.n. and warikoo, k. (ed.)

Jammu, kashmir and ladakh: linguistic predicament

Author: Warikoo, k. (ed.)
Central asia: emerging new order

Author: Warikoo, k. (ed.)

Society and culture in the himalayas

Indian  association  of  social
Science institutions

Author: Baxi, upendra, jacob, alice and Tarlok singh (ed.)
Reconstructing the republic
India international centre

Vohra, n.n. and mathews k. (ed.)

Africa, india and south-south cooperation

Indian council of social science research

Author:Bhalla, s.s. (ed.)

New economic policies for a new india

Author: Mehta, vinod (ed.)

Reforming administration in india

Author: Sondhi, m.l. (ed.)

Democratic peace: the foreign policy implications

Author: Sondhi, m.l. (ed.)

Terrorism and political violence: A sourcebook

Author: Sondhi, m.l. (ed.)

Nuclear weapons and india's national security

Author: Sondhi, m.l. (ed.)
Towards a new era: economic, social and political reforms
Indian council for cultural relations

Author: Hameed, s.s. (ed.)

Zakir husain: teacher who became president (also in hindi & urdu)

Indian culture and civilization series

Author: Jahanbegloo, ramin

The clash of intolerances

Indian humanist union

Author: Narain, prakash (ed.)

The human condition: eleven eminent thinkers speak

Indian institute of advanced study

Author: Bhalla,g.s. and agarwal, manmohan (ed.)

World economy in transition: an indian perspective

Indian economic association trust for research and development

Author: Devi, s. Uma

Economic theory and methods of reasoning

Author: Gandhi, p. Jegadish (ed.)

Economic development and policies in india

Author: Singh, ghanshyam n. (ed.)

Structural changes in india: Some dimensions

Author: Singh, l.s. (ed.)

Economic theory, policies and development

Author: Sinha, r.k. (ed.)

Planning and development in india

Indian national science academy

Author: Khoshoo, t.n. and deekshatulu, b.l. (ed.)

Land and soils

Author: Khoshoo, t.n. and sharma, manju (ed.)

Indian geosphere–biosphere programme: some aspects

Indian society of international law

Author: Rajan, m.s.

United nations and world politics: essays from a nonaligned perspective

Author: Rajan, m.s.

World order and the united nations: essays from a nonaligned perspective

Institute of development And planning studies

Author: Parthasarathy, g. And swarajya Lakshmi, b. (ed.)
Mother and child care

Author: Rao, b. Sarveswara and parthasarathy, g.

Anti-arrack movement of women in andhra pradesh and prohibition policy

Institute of social sciences

Author: Oommen, m.a. (ed.)

A decade of decentralisation in kerala: experience and lessons

Jawaharlal nehru memorial fund

Author: Singh, k. Natwar (ed.)

The legacy of nehru

Kohima sahitya sabha

Author: Ao, temsula

Songs of many moods: a collection of poems

Maulana abul kalam azad institute Of asian studies

Author: De, barun and samaddar, ranabir (ed.)

State, development and political culture: bangladesh and india

Narmada planning group

Author: Alagh, y.k., pathak, mahesh and buch, d.t.

Narmada and environment: an assessment

National capital region  planning board

Fiscal plan (1995-2005)

National capital region: growth and development

National capital region: industrial potential

National institute of public Finance and policy

Author: Chelliah, raja j. And others

Primer on value added tax

Author: Srivastava, d.k. (ed.)
Fiscal federalism in india: contemporary challenges— issues before the eleventh finance commission
National institute of rural development

Author: Prasad, r.r. and chandra, k. Suman

Bonded labourers: study of dynamics rehabilitation and organisation

National institute of science, technology and development studies and planning research institute (nistads and pri)

Author: Banerjee, p. And bhattacharya, s.

Advanced telecommunication in india: regulation and strategy

Author: Jain, ashok and others
Industrialization in india and china: A comparative study of machine building And electronic industries

Author: Jain, ashok and kharbanda, v.p.

Science and technology strategies for development in india and china: a comparative study

National school of drama

Author: Das, J. P.
Sundardas: a play in three acts
Nehru memorial museum and library
Khan abdul ghaffar khan: a centennial tribute

Netaji subhas chandra birth Centenary celebrations committee

Dubey, muchkund

Subhas chandra bose: the man and his vision

New Delhi YMCA

Delhi: a  select  bibliography

School of planning and architecture

Author: Chandhoke, s.k.

Human habitation: culture environment, interface

Observer research foundation

Author: Sareen, sushant
The jihad factory: pakistan's islamic revolution in the making
Sardar patel institute of economic and social research

Author: Alagh, y.k. and others

Economic dimensions of the sardar sarovar project

Author: Alagh, y.k., mody, r.j. and desai, r.d. (ed.)
Sectoral growth and change: essays In honour of d.t. lakdawala

Author: Alagh, y.k., mody, r.j. and desai, r.d. (ed.)

Stability and development: essays in honour of d.t. lakdawala

Author: Alagh, y.k., shah, jayshree and shah, vinod k.

Power economics in gujarat

Author: Desai, R. D.
The household sector: a study of jari industry in surat

Murthy, g.v.s.n. (ed.)

Economic theory and econometric applications: recent developments

Sateertha, bhubaneswar

Author: Pattnaik, purabi

Search for silence

Tata energy research institute

Author: Pachauri, r.k. and others (ed.)
Energy-environment-development, vol. I & ii
The ford foundation

Author: Pachauri, saroj and others (ed.)

Listening to women talk about their health: issues and evidence from india

Author: Cook, sarah, kabeer, naila and suwannarat, gary
Social protection in asia
The indian national trust for art and
Cultural heritage (intach)

Author: Sharma, janhwij

Architectural heritage: ladakh

United nations development programme

Author: Dalal, k.l. (ed.)

Human  development:  an  indian  perspective

United  states  educational Foundation  in  india

Author: Rana, a.p. (ed.)

Four decades of indo-u.s. relations:A  commemorative  retrospective

Women’s action research and legal action for women (warlaw)

Author:Jethmalani, rani (ed.)

Kali’s yug: empowerment, law and dowry deaths

Wwsf, ris & csd

Author: Ahooja-patel, krishna, devi, s. Uma and
Tadas, g. A. (ed.)

Women   and   development